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Franchising Opportunities

The owners of Busy Bodies Indoor Playground understand the need for a facility to have a safe, fun place for parents to bring their children, and for children to be able to exert their energy and enthusiasm in an appropriate manner, this was the goal then estonishing Busy Bodies Indoor Playground. They also understand the need for entrepreneurs to have the opportunity to own their own business that’s fun and simple to operate while offering many benefits and rewards.

When you join the Body Bodies franchise team you will receive support in all the following areas

Site Selection
Lease Negotiation
Design and Construction
Ongoing Coaching and Consulting

Purchasing a Franchise is a 7-step Process

1. Receive and fill out a request form.
Receive and review the uniform franchise disclosure document with exhibits
Meet or conference call with franchiser
Make decision after meeting with your advisors
Set closing date, sign documents including Franchise Agreement and pay initial franchise fee
Attend training at franchiser’s training facility
Find location and start your new business

We at Busy Bodies Indoor Playground understand how important play is for a child. Play allows a child to experience the world around them, and the emotional world inside them. Play helps a child with problem solving, skill building, it promotes imagination, and communication

Many children love to run, jump, play, and climb because it’s fun. Not only is it fun it is necessary to keep children physically fit and healthy. Play helps with a child’s coordination, flexibility, balance and fine and gross motor skills.

Play helps children build their self confidence and self-esteem by encouraging them to take risks, resolve conflict and use their imagination. It allows children to experience different emotions, allowing them to break free from reality and experience new things.

Playgrounds are a social gathering place where children can play, learn how to interact in a group setting, and gain important relationship-building skills. Children will learn how to share and communicate effectively with their peers. Developing social skills as a child will help them grow into a socially-adjusted, well-adapted adult.

Play is important for brain development, it affects a child’s intelligence, and confidence. Play helps develop a child’s language and reasoning skills, it encourages a child to think and problem solve, discover, and be creative.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
Typically around $200,000

What are the Royalties?
6% of Gross Sales

How much space do I need?
5,000 to 8,000 Square feet

Do I receive a protected territory?
Yes in certain situations

What support do I receive?
Extensive initial training and Grand opening support. Ongoing training and consultation.

What is the next step?
Call 800 222-3251