Oakville - Hours
Sun-Sat (everyday): 9am-8pm


1. Busy Bodies is an unsupervised play area. We are not responsible for your childrens safety or injuries that may occur from unsafe play or inappropriate use of equipment.

2. Socks are mandatory by children and adults for entry into the playground. BARE FEET AND SHOES ARE NOT PERMITTED in the play area at any time. Socks can be purchased at the front desk for $3.00 for adults and $2.50 for children.

3. All hands must be disinfected with the hand sanitizer before entry into playground.

4. No eating or drinking on the carpeted area. Food must remain in the party rooms or in the main eating area.

5. Children must go down the slide feet first. No toys allowed on the climbing structure.

6. We are a nut free environment. No Nut products allowed on the premises.We do not permit Tim Horton Timbits/Donuts/Muffins as they may contain traces of nuts.

7. Ensure that you and your child are free of illness.

8. Improper use of toys or equipment will result in the prompt removal of your child.

9. Children are not allowed to chew gum while playing as this is a chocking hazzard

10. Please refrain from bringing glass bottles/containers and any sharp objects/materials i.e. pearing knives. Please bring plastic utensils

Busy Bodies Party Rules and Procedures

We are a NUT Free environment. If you decide to bring in outside food, please ensure it is Nut Free

We do not permit Tim Horton timbits / donuts, muffins or cookies on the premises.

Socks are mandatory for both children and adults. No shoes are allowed on carpeted area. Socks will need to be purchased for those without socks ( may be purchased at front desk )

Busy Bodies requires a $50 non-refundable/non transferable deposit to reserve your child`s party. Balance of party to be paid at the beginning of your scheduled time.

Busy Bodies is a shared facility where you may overlap with another party. ( We Are Closed To The Public During This Time)

If invited children are to exceed 30, please notify Busy Bodies at time of booking.

Be aware as to how many adults are attending. If there are more than 30 adults, an additional $ 30 fee will be applied to your bill. We require confirmation of your party numbers and food choice 1 week prior to your party in order to place your party in the appropriate room.

We do not place parties according to the amount of adults invited.

Your party is for 2 hrs. You can arrive no earlier than 10 min. before your scheduled time to set up. Be prepared to tidy up 5 min. before your party ends to allow staff to clean up for the next party.

You are responsible for removing all your personal belongings from the party room, you have 10min. to tidy up. NO additional time is allowed. An additional $ 40 fee will be applied to your final bill if you exceed the 10 min. grace period. Even though you have paid the additional late charge it does not allow you extra time to stay on the premises.

The person or persons booking the party are solely responsible for the supervision and safety of all the invited children. Be sure to have extra support (adults) to assist you in running your party safely and smoothly. We recommend a 1 to 8 ratio of adult to children. Parents are responsible for redirecting inappropriate play/behaviours.

No alcoholic beverages or smoking permitted..

Reminder: You are responsible for running / organizing your own child`s party:


All party prices / packages are subject to change without notice. We require one weeks notice for Balloon / Lootbag orders.